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"I’ve done this many times. From shakes, maple syrup & cayenne pepper, to low-carb diets, I’ve done it all. And none of it worked. I felt like a failure. It wasn't until I met my husband Joe and learned how to develop a lifestyle that I found true freedom with food and confidence in my body."- Ingrid Romero

👉 You need a proven system, the EDGE method
👉 A step-by-step system you can follow and take the guess work out of it
👉 A roadmap that has been tried by thousands of our EDGE girls and has worked for them over the last 11 years.
Don’t spend your life wondering what it would
be like to be the best version of you
Don’t spend your life wondering what it would  be like to be the
best version of you
It's time to reach your Full Potential
It's time to reach
your Full Potential
"There’s always so much variety in my meal plans and it's food that I like. Sometimes I feel like it's too but I eat it and it works. Thanks coaches.. You are DA BOMB!!!" ~ Tenisha
"Big shout out to Ingrid and Joe. They've gotten me through 3 shows. They follow through 100%. Everything is custom made and my life has changed tremendously since I began with them." ~ Destiny
"I have been with them since 2015 and I STILL get new plans and coach is still keeping things new and exciting. I couldn't be more thankful. Thanks coach!! ~ Jennifer Macias
"From the moment I met Ingrid and Joe I knew they were the right coaches for me. I knew that if I was gonna succeed as an athlete, I had to have the capability to trust in them as a person. Thanks coaches" ~ Barbara
"Been with Team EDGE since 2014. They made me feel so comfortable. Ingrid is always there for us making sure we look our best before we hit the stage, It's so great knowing your coach always has your back!" ~ Tawny
"Ingrid & Joe have changed my life. I came to them really overweight. They've Helped me realized I wasn’t eating enough. I love my meals plans sooo much." ~ Sandi
"Super easy to follow for a busy mom of twins and a teen boy. Plans are very flexible for my lifestyle. The Facebook group is awesome and so supportive." ~ Annete Fuentes
 "Love how you can do this program in the comfort of your own home WITHOUT a lot of equipement. Meal plan is awesome, delicious with lot's of variety and you can eat what you want." ~ Maribelle Bontilao
"Being able to workout at home is amazing!! One of the things I love most is the Facebook group. It's so motivating. Especially when you don't feel motivated. Excited about this new journey" ~ Michelle Lacroix
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