Sandra Jersby – Masters 35+ Bikini Overall Champion

NPC California State Championships
May 27, 2017

Who am I?

My name is Sandra Jersby. I am a Fascial Stretch Therapist / In-home Personal Trainer and a former Crossfitter who moved out to Los Angeles, California from Sweden for an Undergrad Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics.

Describe Yourself.

Determined, I always do more then necessary, perfectionist. My clients would describe me as a happy, silly, fun gal with positive vibes.

Describe your fitness journey – why did you start?

I’ve done fitness all my life. Was a tomb boy as a child and was always playing rough with the boys. I did gymnastics, dance, and horseback riding and casual gym workouts, hikes, and fitness classes.
I got into Crossfit 4 years ago and competed as an amateur, but last year I suffered from a groin and shoulder injury so decided to take a break and set new goals meanwhile, and that’s how I got into bikini fitness, and discovered Teamedge through my beautiful girl Darlene Taylor.

How has it changed your life?

I didn’t know what to expect from this journey and took it day by day and hour by hour. At first, It was rough, I missed my Crossfit training and community, but as time went by I made a new little community of friends at my gym and the training grew on me as I started to see the changes in my body.
After the success at my competition at the 2017 NPC California State Championships Bikini Fitness, I was completely pumped and more motivated then ever to keep going and take this journey further to see what else my body can do.

What does the future hold for you?

Continue my training with TeamEdge and get my Pro card within a year. Will be doing a lot of glute work for that. Coach said they needed to look a bit more fuller hahaha. I’m game 😉

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