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Team Edge Fam!

Team EDGE headquarters is an exclusive facility for one-on-one personal training and is owned and operated by Ingrid Romero and Joe Discuillo.

This is where Ingrid and Joe design all of their Nutritional & Training Programs, Competition Prep Programs, meets with clients and competitors, hold posing clinics, seminars, conduct One-On-One Personal Training Sessions, design competition bikinis and hold their bootcamps!

We also educate our clients on the importance of healthy nutrition, proper technique of weight training, motivation and discipline. We set up all of our clients for success and positive lifestyle change.

Team Edge Headquarters

Ingrid Romero

Ingrid is undefeated on the NPC stage. She is the 2011 Arnold Classic Champion, 3 x NPC overall champion.

Ingrid is also an international fitness model and Columnist (published in countless magazines), certified personal trainer, stage presence coach, custom competition bikini designer and Team Edge founder.

Nobody will understand you better than somebody that has been in your shoes. Ingrid knows what it takes to succeed on and of the stage.

Joe Discuillo

Joe has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. He studied Kinesiology and has several certifications such as NASM, ACE and AFPA.

Joe Specializes in training professional athletes and Fitness Competitors.

Joe has also prepared Ingrid for all her competitions and has lead many of the Team Edge athletes to place in the top 5 and many many number 1 finishes!

Posing To Perfection: All About Perfect Onstage Presentation

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Having a great physique is irrelevant if you cannot display it properly. The ability to present one’s physique to perfection onstage can be seen as one of the keys to success.

It has been rightly argued though, that a well crafted posing routine, and an excellent command of the compulsory poses will express to the judges that an athlete is confident and in control, that they are ready to win and have taken the effort to display their physique to its best possible advantage.

Joe and Ingrid take pride in working with their EDGE girls to master their posing routines.

Many of the best champions are masters of posing. To separate themselves from the competition they would rely not only on their phenomenal physiques but also their ability to choose a posing style that suited their body type.

Team Edge Bootcamps

Ingrid and Joe love putting on Boot Camps at their EDGE Headquarters. These bootcamps are meant to challenge you and bring out the best in you over time. Be sure to ask Ingrid and Joe about their Boot Camps and when you get started!!!

Bootcamp challenges every muscle in your body and with little rest in between each set; you’re bound to feel the burn and intensity.

By constantly moving for an hour, your body has no time to rest, therefore your burning hundreds of calories, even when you stop. It’s a way to challenge your body and mind into doing a workout, which leaves no prisoners.

Once you finish your first class, clothes drenched in sweat, head pounding and muscles fatigued, you’ll get that burst of energy and confidence when you realize what you just endured and completed.

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